Collection: Maxim Lighting


So much of our world is defined and elevated by lighting —dramatic silhouettes, a warm glow that welcomes in the senses, or even a soft, sensual illumination that encourages connection and comfort. At Maxim Lighting, we've been refining and redefining these cutting-edge lighting trends for more than 45 years, and now it's time to introduce that legacy to your own space. With over 4,000 distinct and noteworthy designs to our credit, we offer the finishing touches you've been looking for in lighting, from traditional to contemporary.

A Foundation of Style
For decades, Maxim Lighting has been the go-to for discerning clientele, thanks to our innovative offerings and second-to-none approach to customer service. We've also consistently enjoyed a place in the top five lighting companies in the industry. The finest global hotels, stores and offices have incorporated our products into their aesthetic. Our design impact comes from a deep and evolving understanding of what drives our customers' needs. Unlike some competitors, we have a seasoned intuition for lasting trends, carefully developed for nearly five decades of lighting research, design and development. In addition to our core of customer favorites and timeless designs, you'll find bold new decor statements and eco-friendly products built with a sustainable future in mind.

Step into the Spotlight
Whether you want to bathe a room in light or simply add some accents through illumination, we're proud to offer the options in lighting you deserve to make your plans a reality. Our dedicated team is happy to assist with recommendations, quotes and information to facilitate your project.

We welcome inquiries from building industry, hospitality, retail and interior design clientele, including unique or difficult lighting challenges in need of solutions. Your creations aren't "off the shelf" endeavors, and we're here to make sure that your lighting looks and feels like a custom installation too, no matter where you need it. As we near 50 years of operation and two generations of our customer-first legacy, we look forward to impressing you with new styles that define and dazzle.

It's your time to shine—
let Maxim Lighting make it happen.