Santa & Cole BlancoWhite E1 Lighted Table

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Santa & Cole BlancoWhite E1 Lighted Table

BlancoWhite E1 is made using ultra thin LED panels mounted under the tops, created tabletop display cases, stackable shelves and lighting composition systems. In other words, BlancoWhite E1 is a multi-functional objects.

BlancoWhite was born as a series of four models - E1, E2, M1, M2 - of essential shapes, usable as tabletop bookcases, lighting shelves or lighting composition systems, called to play a leading role in our daily lives.

A new form of lighting, it immediately convinces the user through its quality and technology. BlancoWhite manages to domesticate LED lighting and to make the best of its energetic advantages, in favor of a non-aggressive, warm lighting. Dimmer included.

Made in Spain

Antoni Arola

Red Dot Award 2012
Delta de Plata. ADI FAD 2012


Includes 24 x 20W 12V LEDs

8.7" x 8.7"
Electrical cable length: 98.4"

Item Code
BWC101: BlancoWhite C1 White S&C
BWC102: BlancoWhite C1 Graphite
BWE101: BlancoWhite E1 White
BWE102: BlancoWhite E1 Black

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