Iris Design San Pedro De Atacama Ceiling Lamp


Iris Design San Pedro De Atacama Ceiling Lamp

San Pedro De Atacama Ceiling Lamp by Iris Design Studio, The, at first glance, apparently impossible geometric designs of San Pedro De Atacama mirror the almost inconceivable triumph of plant life over the extreme desolation of this harsh, unforgiving landscape. The clean, elegant design of each piece offers a choice of four unique fixtures – table, wall, floor, and ceiling lamps – to create an astonishing impression of three-dimensional light in a two-dimensional space. Adding a colour bulb to the piece multiplies and enhances the startling effect, as a miraculous ""light cactus"" begins to grow and thrive in your urban environment".

The unique design of this beautiful lighting fixture is great as a hallway lighting and as an office lighting fixture. Inspiration: "Inspired by the unexpected life that surges and develops even in the Atacama, the world's driest desert, Iris' keynote light sequence challenges common assumptions about nature, perception, and reality itself.

Iris Kadouri Rizenbah

20" W x 4.5" L x 35" H


3 x E27 60W Edison Bulb (not included)

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