Iris Design La Paz Ceiling Lamp 3


Iris Design La Paz Ceiling Lamp 3

La Paz Ceiling Lamp by Iris Design Studio, La Paz underwent a startling metamorphosis. The wonder of the piece is expressed in the way that diverse elements combine to create something that is, at its core, as old as the industrial revolution, but depicted here in a new, astonishing form. As a light source within a light source, La Paz invokes the spirit of innovation that dates from the Industrial Revolution. In the space between what you know and what you have never imagined, lies La Paz.

The design of La Paz Pendant Lamp is a contemporary style ceiling light fixture for the kitchen, the dining room and the bedroom. Inspiration: Designed for the curious ones, the La Paz series showcases a small, yet strong light source hiding within the more familiar Edison bulb. This simple bulb is familiar and commonplace, but in Iris' hands, La Paz underwent a startling metamorphosis.

Iris Kadouri Rizenbah

Blown glass

7.5" W x 7.5" L x 47.25" H

cUL by ETL, CE

3 x 20W 12V Halogen or LED Capsules (included)

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