Collection: Easy Light by Carpyen

In 2018, the Carpyen manufacture direction has changed, a new impulse has been printed and new ideas are now expressed. In 2020, Carpyen launches CARPYEN EASY LIGHT, a collection of lamps with a responsible design, at an affordable price, without depart from the elegance that has made Carpyen an international reference since 1948.

Exploring Spanish geography, let’s take a new glance at the beauty of nature, from the Mediterranean islands, Balearic and Cantabrian, to the volcanoes of the Canary archipelago. Let’s discover the natural phenomena caused by the effect of marine erosion and rain on limestone rock, giving way to cracks that connect the sea to the land in Asturias, to waterfalls that form a river at the mouth of the ocean in the Galician lands, to the wild beach of the Basque Country.

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